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l carnitine erectile dysfunction (823)
Welcome to the Erectile Dysfunction website, this site is a great information resource on Erectile Dysfunction. It is important not to get Erectile Dysfunction confused with Impotence. Although Erectile Dysfunction is commonly called Impotence, Erectile Dysfunction is actually part of impotence. Impotence also describes other attributes that can contribute to the interference with someone’s ability to have sexual intercourse, for instance, a lack of sex drive, or problems with ejaculation or orgasm, when the term Erectile Dysfunction is used, it shows that these other problems are not involved. ED doesn’t just mean a total inability to achieve an erection; it can also mean the inconstantly ability, or inability to sustain an erection for more than a brief amount of time.

In the US, between 15 to 30million incidents of ED, depending on which of the above definitions of ED is used. Figures show that for every 1000 men in the US, 7.7 visits to a physicians office were made for ED in 1985, that number had tripped to 22.3 by 1999. This is suspected because of treatments became more widely available, as did discussing ED became more accepted. With the inclusion of slidenfil citrate, aka Viagra, a figure of 2.6 million discussions of Viagra at a physicians office in 1999.

[Image: buylevitraonline.png]

ED usually has a physical cause in older men, this could be because of disease, injury, or because of the side effects of other drugs, any physical disorder that affects the blood flow or nerves in the penis has the potential to cause Erectile Dysfunction. ED sufferers increase with age, 5 percent of 40 year old men, and around 25 percent of 60 year olds experience ED.

More men have been seeking help, because of awareness of ED has increased, and the awareness of the fact that it can be treated at any age. More and more men are returning to normal sexual activity because of the improved treatments for ED.

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